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These hand finished, repurposed pieces have been designed by our team and are ready to be hand delivered to you. 

• Each piece has been stripped down to its bare bones (sanded and prepped).

• It has been painted, stained, or a special technique has been applied.

• If it has springs, they have been replaced and retied, the old fashion way, by hand.

• The stuffing consists of 100% cotton batting including the best upholstery foam appropriate for the piece.

• We cover the piece with fine designer fabric and/or our signature art fabric.

• To finish the piece perfectly, we have added special details that make the piece even more spectacular.



Coming Soon! We will be offering a variety of unfinished chairs, foot stools, ottomans and benches that can be customized to your specific needs. Our upholstery team will apply your Art Fabric and offer a variety of stains to choose from. 

Upholstered projects include (depending on piece):
• Hand tied springs and strapping.
• Each piece is stuffed with 100% cotton batting and appropriate foam padding to make it super comfy.
• Customized art fabric is upholstered to your piece.
• We offer a variety of stain options.