Make your furniture the envy of your friends and guests by adding art glass. We work closely with you to design and update furniture with art glass that reflects your individual style. From traditional to eclectic, we offer a vast archive of images, design sensibility, and digital know-how to implement your vision and give new life to your furniture and abode.


Add a pop of wow to your piece with curated artwork. We have a large variety of American and European illustrations that we apply to fabric. Our designers are more than happy to work with you to find the perfect artwork for your piece.


Our chairs, ottomans and foot stools are customizable and are ready to be updated to work perfectly with your personal style. We take every piece down to its bare bones before building it back up again. Each piece is finished with the perfect designer fabrics and/or Vavabode's specialized collection of art fabrics. 


Select from our carefully curated collection of customizable furniture. We work with you to refinish any of our pieces to coincide with your personal style. Offering a variety of refinishing techniques and details.