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your meaningful space for meditation

On the top of my list for this month is to create a little zen area for myself. A place to unwind and call my own. A place to meditate without distractions of our everyday existence. These cozy little areas inspire my endeavor:

1 - How heavenly is this space with sheer drapes that surround a simple white sitting area. Gotta love the trays of sand. A great idea to comfort the mind, have texture, feel the grains between your fingers (I think beach in a big way) and get lost in creativity. Source. [above]

2 - An OM glass tray that was a big hit last year … what do you think, should we start making them again?

3 - A dreamy cocoon in golden hues and lilac. Could be the perfect little girls room but I would nestle in quite comfortably regardless of my age. The stars definitely align with this perfect feminine sanctuary. Source.

4 - MalaCollective offers mediation pillows from 100% recycled cotton. In natural colors, although I’m leaning towards blush these days. 

5- Sheepskin is my go to for when I want cozy. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is. Just the thought of it puts me in a trance. Overland.

oxo nadine



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