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make it your zen workspace

We all read about comfort areas in the home, such as a meditation space or our bedroom oasis. I apply the same concept to my home studio. I don’t know about you, but I like to have a workspace that is all about me — a zen area for daydreaming and creating. I surround myself with beautiful objects and artwork that help me connect warmly on an emotional level. I truly want to be there, day in and day out. These workspaces are definitely following the same mindset:

1 - Adding found objects to remind you of places you have been or events that you hold dear to your heart. Or items that just plain-old make you laugh or smile. Source. [above]

2 - Inspirational boards that change from one day to the next fascinate me and make me want to cut and pin the old-fashion way. (not on Pinterest!). Source.

3 - Don’t forget to add scent and nature to your surroundings. A freshly cut flower, an evergreen sprig or incense. Source.

4 - Art, art and more art. Literally, can’t get enough. Artist, Paula Mills Melbourne Home Source.  

5- A workspace doesn’t have to be a room of its own. Making it part of your living area can be just as effective. Source unknown.

6 - Working with color is way fun but going neutral can offer a soothing canvas to your surroundings. You’re the creator of this room. Do what feels good to you. Source.

oxo nadine