private sanctuary.
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your meaningful space for meditation

On the top of my list for this month is to create a little zen area for myself. A place to unwind and call my own. A place to meditate without distractions of our everyday existence. These cozy little areas inspire my endeavor:

1 - How heavenly is this space with sheer drapes that surround a simple white sitting area. Gotta love the trays of sand. A great idea to comfort the mind, have texture, feel the grains between your fingers (I think beach in a big way) and get lost in creativity. Source. [above]

2 - An OM glass tray that was a big hit last year … what do you think, should we start making them again?

3 - A dreamy cocoon in golden hues and lilac. Could be the perfect little girls room but I would nestle in quite comfortably regardless of my age. The stars definitely align with this perfect feminine sanctuary. Source.

4 - MalaCollective offers mediation pillows from 100% recycled cotton. In natural colors, although I’m leaning towards blush these days. 

5- Sheepskin is my go to for when I want cozy. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is. Just the thought of it puts me in a trance. Overland.

oxo nadine



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home office + workspace.

make it your zen workspace

We all read about comfort areas in the home, such as a meditation space or our bedroom oasis. I apply the same concept to my home studio. I don’t know about you, but I like to have a workspace that is all about me — a zen area for daydreaming and creating. I surround myself with beautiful objects and artwork that help me connect warmly on an emotional level. I truly want to be there, day in and day out. These workspaces are definitely following the same mindset:

1 - Adding found objects to remind you of places you have been or events that you hold dear to your heart. Or items that just plain-old make you laugh or smile. Source. [above]

2 - Inspirational boards that change from one day to the next fascinate me and make me want to cut and pin the old-fashion way. (not on Pinterest!). Source.

3 - Don’t forget to add scent and nature to your surroundings. A freshly cut flower, an evergreen sprig or incense. Source.

4 - Art, art and more art. Literally, can’t get enough. Artist, Paula Mills Melbourne Home Source.  

5- A workspace doesn’t have to be a room of its own. Making it part of your living area can be just as effective. Source unknown.

6 - Working with color is way fun but going neutral can offer a soothing canvas to your surroundings. You’re the creator of this room. Do what feels good to you. Source.

oxo nadine




oil painting portraits.

decor addiction

First things first, we have a lot of decor addictions here at vavabode. One of my biggest obsessions over the past several years are vintage, oil painting portraits. Just one portrait can make the most stunning impact in a room. It doesn’t matter if the edges and paint are worn, in fact, an aged piece has even more attraction than that of one that is perfect. And, I don’t need to know who the person is, I can just imagine their life story with every stroke of the brush. So we brainstormed here at vavabode —  rather than sell off our beloved collection, we decided it would be way cool to apply our vintage portraits to fabric and make a series of portrait pillows — PS: we love art that is functional.

  1. Check out this welcoming sitting area. The cream + black with natural wood and rope elements make the old world portrait right at home. Image Elements of Style.

  2. I’m envious of this dining room. Modern simplicity meets old world portraits. All eyes are on you in this dining room. — you’ll never eat alone.

  3. Why not embellish your powder room with not just one, but two fabulous portraits. Oh, how I’d feel extra special powdering my nose in front of these beauties.  Rue Magazine

  4. Gray Benko100% Style. Period.

  5. Our pillows are feather filled to make them extra comfy and beautifully edged with coordinating velvet. Each pillow is handmade right here in our studio.

oxo nadine