We enjoy being surrounded by beautiful things, and we know that people, just like you, are looking to surround themselves with beauty too. While on quests to find unique artistic items for styling their own homes, offices, and studio, all the products they encountered were mass produced and were the same-old same-old in every store. Boring. The uniqueness wasn't there. So, we started VAVABODE, an eclectic offering of beautiful home décor, furniture, & glass and fabric services that are unique in every way. 


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Designer | Artisan

I love images from the natural world, killer color combinations and a client’s ear-to-ear smile.

VAVABODE came to life when I realized it was high time to combine art and function. My favorite part of our work is rolling up my sleeves and hand decoupaging glass trays. Nadine and I have styles that complement one another and we infuse laughter and fun into every project.  My professional background is in teaching, counseling, and program and fund management, which, surprisingly, all come in handy when running a small business.


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Designer | Artisan

I’m all about the details, mixing genres and offering meaningful design to home interiors.

Personally, I don't believe in living within the boundaries of one specific style, in fact, my taste covers the gamut -- from New England traditional to modern Scandinavian, or midcentury mod to boho Euro. The process of pulling it all together so it works, that's my favorite part. With a professional background in graphic design and fine art, I specialize in applying art to decorative home décor surfaces, including paper, fabric, wood, plexiglass, and glass.